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Solution Techno allows to realize your ideas then, when they visit you. It allows to work over the projects in common and at the same time with colleagues. Carelessly on location and computing capacities. Now the powerless computer, the old software, any distance – are not the problem. Treatment and storage of project files are done in the cloud and doesn't need any recourses. It is accessible from any device in any place!

What is – solution of “ Techno”?

Solution Techno is the innovative solution of the Data center AVIS, which allows to use the professional programs everywhere, where you wouldn't be, to save and to treat the project materials in the cloud.

Here are some opportunities of this solution:

  • The files are stored in the cloud in one copy and are accessible to all the specialists – colleagues and customers. Transfers of the files are excluded.
  • You once adjust a workspace, and these settings are automatically extended on all your devices
  • The relevance of its version is supported automatically.
  • Your professional software is one for the whole team of developers and they work from the cloud.
  • All the engineers are mobile. The programs and files in the cloud are accessible from any device in any place.

Solution Techno : technologies and products

Solution Techno is based on usage of the cloud technologies, when the biggest part of your concerns about storing and management of your data are taken by remote data center.

For realization of this solution in the Data center AVIS are deployed the platforms MS Windows Server R2, Hyper V.

The MS Windows Server R2 is the platform for realization of technology MS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – virtual desktop.

Thanks to this technology, you can receive the remote access to powerful programs and resources. The virtual resource of memory is produced by the Hyper V technology.

Using the cloud principle “Software as a service” – SaaS, in the Data center are located all your data, platforms and even software, which you are renting for use on your device. In the solution of Techno is offered the AutoCAD, MathCAD Compass 3D as the applications

Advantages the cloud solution of “Techno”

Efficiency of use of working hours - due to the constant access to the project materials.

Mobility thanks to the possibility of access to the materials of the project from any place and any device.

Flexibility – thanks for the opportunity to regulate the memory volume for realization of the project and the possibility to rent the different program projects.

Simplicity thanks to the simplicity of mastering, connection and application of the program product in the cloud.

Safety due to the protection of the documents at all the levels and assurance of confidentiality.

Economy - the access to the most modern professional programs and to the storage of necessary volume for the lowest fee. Without any investments to expensive workstations and the licence for the software.


Data center AVIS is:

  • own Data Center with powerfull server infrastructure for realization the cloud solutions and two independent data links.
  • the modern client and server software.
  • the modern knowledge base of IT innovations in business.
  • regular researches of practice of introduction of innovative IT-solutions in different regions of Russia.
  • the certificed experts in technologies of Offiсe 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and managers with MBA qualification.

From themoment of the bases Data center AVIS is oriented to development of innovative IT Solutions on the source of cloud technologies. 

Long-term unique experience of introduction of such decisions in different regions of Russia allows to realize the most courageous ambitions any companies in any stage of growth of business!