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Now you can easily structure all the scattered information, place it in common location and protect it from any risk. You can organize the circulation of documents with the help of type workflow and forms, control routs and processing terms of the documents

What is Information System Aviscloud?

The information system Aviscloud is the first solution for automatization of control of documents circulation, which build on the base of integration of the most progressive cloud technologies and modern platforms Microsoft.

That's why your company (independently from its quantity and age) will receive the powerfull instrument for creation of the ECM. Together with growth of your company will grow its information space.

Information System Aviscloud is the “growth diseases inoculation”.

Here are some possibilities of this solution:

  • All the documents of your company are unified and kept in one place – in cloud.
  • All the documents are accessible from any place and maximum protected from unauthorized access
  • All software for managing of the documents works on any devices. Access is carried out according to one account.
  • Agreement and approval of the document are carried out at the same time by all the responsible persons in electronic form. The document status is always known
  • All the workflows, which are connected with internal documents (agreement of orders, issuing of business trip document) are thoroughly automated.
  • It is possible to receive on any device the notice about the changing of the document.
  • The tasks about the treatment of the document can be assign to the staff with control of the terms of execution.
  • With the help of corporate site it is possible to communicate with colleagues, partners and clients.

Information System Aviscloud – technologies and products

The information system Aviscloud is based on cloud technologies – when all information is kept and treated in “cloud”. It is located in remote data center (DC).

This solution was developed in cloud of Data Center AVIS on the platform Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

All your data, platforms and even software are located in the Data center. You can "rent" it for using in your device (Software as a service – SaaS) .

You can start mastering of Information system Aviscloud in public cloud, sharing the resources with other users. Also you can use your private cloud. Even you can create your own Data center on technology Aviscloud.

In accordance with your desire you can devide services and priorities between IS Aviscloud and Microsoft Office 365. Also you can join in your solution different variants of clouds.

But what decision you wouldn't make, your sole care is only the operating capacity of your device. All the rest is the job of Data сenter AVIS.

Functional advantages of IS Aviscloud

Efficiency of use of job time due to automation of management of documents circulation, standardization of workflows and forms.

Mobility thanks to possibility of access to all information and to functionality of management of documents from any place and any device.

Economy of ECM due to reduction of intra production expenses (materials and printing devices, scanners).

Simplicity thanks to simple mastering, connection and application.

Safety due to the protection of the documents at all levels and ensuring confidentiality.

Advantages of IS Aviscloud in cloud

Creation of enterprise content management with use of cloud technologies represents qualitatively new level of expenses optimization of your company on activity:

Economy of investments. For creating of the system of management of document circulation on the basis of own Data Center are necessary: purchase of the hardware and software, preparation of the areas and attraction highly paid experts. Ordering cloud services Aviscloud you will receive the full-scale managing system of ECM for a small monthly payment.

Scalability and minimization of risks. At increase of staff of your company you should buy additionally the equipment and licenses for the software. At decrease – you should solve the problem of realization of the unnecessary hardware. Cloud services Aviscloud allows to increase or decrease the quantity of users. At desire you can complitely refuse from this service without loss.

Minimization of cost of possession. For ensuring reliable functioning of own system of ECM are necessary the highly reliable servers, data links and power supplies with obligatory reservation. And also continuous monitoring, repairing and replacement of the failed equipment. All these expenses and actions are carried out by the Data center AVIS when you use the cloud services Aviscloud.


Data center AVIS is:

  • own Data Center with powerfull server infrastructure for realization the cloud solutions and two independent data links.
  • the modern client and server software.
  • the modern knowledge base of IT innovations in business.
  • regular researches of practice of introduction of innovative IT-solutions in different regions of Russia.
  • the certificed experts in technologies of Offiсe 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and managers with MBA qualification.

From themoment of the bases Data center AVIS is oriented to development of innovative IT Solutions on the source of cloud technologies. 

Long-term unique experience of introduction of such decisions in different regions of Russia allows to realize the most courageous ambitions any companies in any stage of growth of business!