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Solution of “Communication Management” will allow you to unite the possibilities of all available ways of connection and reach the new level of quality of communications.

Now you will be able to work more effectively: always to be in touch and have the access to all the documents of your company, where you wouldn't be!

What is solution of Communication Management?

Communication Management of the company - is the integrated cloud solution, which unites the possibilities of all ways and devices of connection in one instrument. It helps to organize easily the teamwork and to have the remote access to the documents. It is the most advanced solution for creating of the corporate communication.

These are some opportunities of this solution:

  • Operates with all the types of communication - telephone communication, e- mail, flash messages, audio-video conferences in one window of the browser.
  • Organization of audio-video conferences with colleagues and partners in one click.
  • The joint access to the desktop of all participants of conference.
  • Holding of the integrated calendar of activities and instructions with automatic notification of interested staff.
  • Reduction of value of telephone communication with the help of organization of corporate communication using internet telephony.
  • Creation of corporate portal – convenient mode of communication of staff and partners.
  • All these possibilities – on any device at any place in the world.

Solution Management of communication: technologies and products

Solution “Management of communications” is based on usage of cloud technologies. In this case the considerable part of "cares" on storage and a data control is taken by the remote Data center (DC). For realization of solution are deployed the MS Lync Server 2013, MS Exchange Server 2013 and MS SharePoint Server 2013 platforms, which are responsible, for the communication, e-mail and work with the documents.

Using the most advanced principle Software as a service – SaaS,

in the Data Center are located all your data, system programs, platforms and even software, which you "rent" for use on the device.

For realization of necessary functions on your device should be installed the special client software MS Lync or MS Lync Mobile. Having installed MS Lync on your phone or tablet you will be able to use fully all the possibilities of solution Management of company communications where you wouldn’t be.

Functional advantages of the solution of Communication Management

Efficiency of use of working hours due to the integration of all types of communication, use of integrated list of contacts, indication of presence of staff and simple organization of remote collaboration.

Mobility thanks to the possibility of access to all information and to functionality of communication Economy of communication due to the possibility of creation of integrated corporate internet telephony.

Simplicity thanks to the simplicity of mastering, connection and application.

Safety due to the protection of the documents at all levels and guarantee of confidentiality.

The advantages of solution Communication Management in a cloud

Solution Communication Management as the cloud service presents the qualitatively new level of optimization of expenses of your company:

Economy of capital investments. For development of the system of business management on the basis of own Data center is necessary the purchase the expensive equipment and the software, the preparation of the areas and involvement of highly paid experts. Having ordered cloud services Aviscloud you can receive a full-scale control business system for a small monthly fee.

Scalability and minimization of risks. At increase of staff of your company you should buy additionally the equipment and licenses for the software. At decrease – you should solve the problem of realization of the unnecessary equipment. Cloud services Aviscloud allows to increase or decrease the quantity of users. At desire you can completely refuse from this service without loss.

Minimization of cost of possession For ensuring the reliable functioning of own system of communication management are necessary the highly reliable servers, data links and power supplies with obligatory reservation. And also continuous monitoring, repairing and replacement of the failed equipment. When using the cloudy services Aviscloud all these expenses and actions are carried out by the Data center AVIS.


Data center AVIS is:

  • own Data Center with powerfull server infrastructure for realization the cloud solutions and two independent data links.
  • the modern client and server software.
  • the modern knowledge base of IT innovations in business.
  • regular researches of practice of introduction of innovative IT-solutions in different regions of Russia.
  • the certificed experts in technologies of Offiсe 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and managers with MBA qualification.

From themoment of the bases Data center AVIS is oriented to development of innovative IT Solutions on the source of cloud technologies. 

Long-term unique experience of introduction of such decisions in different regions of Russia allows to realize the most courageous ambitions any companies in any stage of growth of business!