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What is

MS SharePoint Server 2013?

SharePoint Server 2013 is the platform for managing with documentary information - knowledge, information and documents of the company. The platform contain the components like Content Management, Search Center, Sites, Communities and Networks, Business analytics.

Possibility of use of SharePoint Server

SharePoint allows to organize the joint action in the most modern and effective way, offering the set from six integrated areas of possibilities. By the instrumentality of SharePoint users can customize the web sites for exchange of information with different people, manage the documents during their whole life cycle, issue the reports, to help in right decision-making.


  • The component “Sites” SharePoint grants the integrated infrastructure for all the types of sites: Intracorporate Sites, Extranet-solutions and Internet-sites. Exchange documents with colleagues, exercise the joint management of the projects with your partners and publish the information for the clients.


  • The component “Search” SharePoint solves the problem of search in huge data array forever. The unique combination of relevance, possibility of refinement of results and accounting of social aspects helps to the users to find necessary data and contacts and to start work with them quickly.

Business Analytics.

  • The component “Business -analytics” Sharepoint provides to all the users the access to the information in databases, reports and business-applications. This helps to find the information, which is necessary to making the right decision.

Communities and Network

  • The component “Communities” SharePoint corresponds to the set of tools for joint operation and the integrated platform for managing of them. So the users can easily exchange with ideas and collaborate with each other exactly as it is necessary.

Content Management

  • The component “Content Management” SharePoint simplifies the process of managing of content. You can adjust the rules of usage of the document, using such functions as types of the documents, politics of storage, working processes and automatic sorting of the content and give to the users the possibility of working with documents in known environment Microsoft Office.


  • The component “Web-applications” SharePoint provides the facilities and components for creating of own business solutions. You can quickly react to changes in business requirements, develop the solutions without writing the code.


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