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MS Project Server 2013?

Project Server 2013 is the flexible platform for project management and project portfolio management.

It allows to plan, optimize and operate with company's projects with the help of the integrated powerful tools.

Having connected to Project Server 2013 you will be able:

  • to plan the projects and to operate them using the intuitively clear visual tools and templates
  • to operate resources during the all life cycle of the project
  • to estimate objectively portfolios of projects and to optimize them according to the organization's business strategy
  • to rate and control the financial indexes of projects and portfolios of projects
  • to reveal problems and risks which can have an adverse effect on the implementation of projects and reduce their influence
  • to improve communications between different project groups for effective collaboration
  • to assemble easily the updatings according to projects from participants of design groups
  • to use for work any devices and browsers and to manage the projects from any place where you wouldn't be

The possibilities of integration Project Server 2013 with other platforms:

  • the integration with SharePoint Server 2013 will allow to create the sites of projects for regulation of the work of project groups, to create the working processes in SharePoint Designer, and also to synchronize the lists of tasks of SharePoint with Project for receiving of the changes in projects and reports about the work of teams (The solution "Project office")
  • the integration with Exchange Server 2013 will give the possibility to transfer data from the schedules of participants

of project groups from Exchange to Project that will allow to simplify the creation of planned schedules of projects and the task's status updating , and also to expand the possibilities of joint realization of tasks.

  • the integration with Lync Server 2013 will allow to interact with participants of the project group, "pulling" their names in a meeting window of Lync for organization of group conferences, exchange the momentary messages or providing the joint access to the screen.

The advantages of connection to Project Server 2013

Efficiency – the possibility of automation of all operations of projects management and improvement of interaction in project groups

Mobility – access to all information and functionality of management of projects from any place and any device

Profitability –the possibility of deployment of the project management system in a cloud without capital expenditure for servers and licenses, and also optimization of all indexes of the projects

Availability – simplicity of mastering, connection and application

Safety - protection of project documents at all levels and ensuring confidentiality

Data center AVIS is:

  • own Data Center with powerfull server infrastructure for realization the cloud solutions and two independent data links.
  • the modern client and server software
  • the modern knowledge base of IT innovations in business
  • regular researches of practice of introduction of innovative IT-solutions in different regions of Russia
  • the certificed experts in technologies of Offiсe 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and managers with MBA qualification.