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Outlook is the corporate electronic mail of  business class uniting the possibilities of exchange of information and corporate scheduling. The modern approaches to the realization of these functions give the chance to control completely the business processes of exchange of information, planning and execution of appointed tasks.

Having connected the Outlook you will be able:

  • to communicate with colleagues and partners with the help of the modern powerful multipurpose instrument
  • to create the uniform schedule of events with the notification of all interested persons, to look through it in common and to respond to invitations to the meetings
  • to set tasks and to operate the business processes from an e-mail window
  • to display in one window the mail, calendars and tasks at the same time
  • to get the round-the-clock access to a mailbox, schedules and tasks from any point of the world and any mobile device
  • to synchronize the general and personal telephone books with any devices

  • to display in uniform representation the list of contacts together with all contact information for fast communication

  • to operate the rights of access of users to contacts and calendars

  • to execute the group corporate and external mailings

  • to receive in proper time the information about the meetings and contacts in the form of push-messages by e-mail

  • to receive automatically the last updates in popular social networks

  • to apply the fast filters and tasks of a context menu to the instant filtration of mail and schedules plans

Other products and services of Office 365

Создание и редактирование документов
Creation and editing of documents, variety of documents and collaboration.
Создание и редактирование документов
Creation of spreadsheets, the business analytics, connection to global data bases.
Почта бизнес-класса
Business class mail, management of corporate shedules, tasks and contacts.
Современный дизайн
Modern design and functionality of presentations, collective work.
Записные книжки
Notebooks, collective ideas, brain storms.
Объединенные коммуникации
Joint communicati-
ons, audio and video conferences, IP-telephony
Почтовые ящики до 25Гб
Mailboxes to 25Gb, group security policies, an antispam.
Личные сайты
Personal sites, corporate portals, project management, documents circulation, Office- WebApps
Облачное хранилище личных данных
Cloud storage of personal data, synchronization with all devices, access from any place

Cloud storage of personal data, synchronization with all devices, access from any place

and more others software and services.

Data center AVIS does:

  • sale software and licenses Microsoft from Office 365
  • deployment of services and installation solutions Office 365
  • service and support of Office 365


Data center AVIS is the certified partner of Microsoft in Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack. Possessing full information and corresponding competences we will provide you the most efficient variant, we will provide fast introduction and high-quality support of service.

Data center AVIS is:

  • own Data Center with powerfull server infrastructure for realization the cloud solutions and two independent data links.
  • the modern client and server software
  • the modern knowledge base of IT innovations in business
  • regular researches of practice of introduction of innovative IT-solutions in different regions of Russia
  • the certificed experts in technologies of Offiсe 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and managers with MBA qualification.