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What is

MS Lync Server 2013?

Lync Server 2013 is the integrated communication platform of the corporate class. Thanks to Lync Server you receive the unified client for exchange with momentary messages, ordinary and video calls, organization of conferences and presentations, and also the the notice of presence where you wouldn't be

Having connected to Lync Server 2013 you will be able:

  • to make calls, send the momentary messages, organize the audio-and video-conference from one window of the browser.
  • to keep the integrated for all the types of communication list of contacts with the information about the presence of the user.
  • to manage the conferences and online presentations, providing to participants the joint access to the screen and virtual boards
  • to execute calls and to give the possibility of participation in conferences to the users of Lync and Skype, working in your or the other company.
  • to realize the opportunities Lync with the help of Lync Ebb App on PC and tablets of any platform, including the holding of multiparty video-conference in HD format, and also the supplying of the common access to the desktop, applications and presentations of PowerPoint.
  • to realize the opportunities Lync with the help of the client Lync Mobile on mobile telephone of any platform.
  • to reduce the travel allowance and expenses for the long-distance communication.

The possibility of integration of Lync Server 2013 with other platforms and products.

  • the integration with Exchange Server 2013 will complete the interface Lync with the window of mail client Outlook and will give the opportunity to call directly from Outlook window and to create the united calendars for all the staff. (Solution of “ Communication management”)
  • the integration with the ShairPoint Server 2013 will allow to “tie” to communications the necessary documents and sites,

with the possibility to receive the simultaneous access to the documents and to the notice about changes in documents (Solution of “Business”).

  • connection of an electronic notebook OneNote and providing the general access to it will allow for the users to create the digital notes OneNote, and to share them with the other participants of Lync meeting

Advantages of connection to Lync Server 2013

Efficiency – the possibility of integration of all types of communication, the general list of contacts, the indication of the presence of the worker, the simple organization of remote collaboration

Mobility – access to all the information and functionality of communications from any place and any device.

Profitability of communications – possibility of expanding of mail infrastructure in the cloud without capital expenditures for servers and licenses, minimizing of the cost of service, and also the founding of the general corporate Internet telephony.

Simplicity thanks to the simplicity of mastering, connection and application.

Safety due to the protection of the documents at all levels and guarantee of confidentiality.


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  • the modern client and server software
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