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Acrobat XI Pro?

Creative ideas in a creative embodiment

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A lot of opportunities in the correct combination with MS Office

Adobe Acrobat XI Proit is not simply the popular PDF converter. It contains a set of intellectual functions, which give the additional opportunities for interaction. Easily, quickly, professionally.

Here are only a few opportunities of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.

Editing of the text and images

Make the little changes in the PDF files easily— as well as in other applications — thanks to the new interface, working with which is possible using a mouse.

Standardization of daily operations with the PDF format

Now the users can create the coordinated PDF files. You can direct the users with the help of sequence of the operations created by applying of "The master of operations”

Transformation of the PDF files to the PowerPoint format

The accelerated work on new projects thanks to the saving of the PDF file in the form of PowerPoint presentation with support of all functions of editing

Creation of the new PDF - and web forms

Use the professional templates or create the projects "from scratch" applying the Adobe FormsCentral application, delivered with Acrobat XI Pro

Advantages of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro:

In comparison with another software the Acrobat XI considerably simplifies and accelerates the process of editing of the PDF documents and their management that is not only important for all users who are constantly working with PDF, but also favorably affects its price.

Besides line-by-line editing of the text now it is possible to add, move and change also the size of the whole blocks of the text and images, and also to change the attributes of a font.

Whether the Acrobat XI is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365?

Now began possible to work with the PDF files, stored in your Microsoft SharePoint server. Acrobat XI software in the Windows and Mac operating systems provides the fast access to the PDF files stored in SharePoint library, through the dialog boxes of opening and saving of the file in Acrobat. The PDF files can be opened in SharePoint for viewing and collaboration with the PDF documents. It is possible even to send the documents PDF from SharePoint for editing, then to return them after the termination.

Whether all the products of Adobe are available now only in Creative Cloud?

The desktop applications, which were earlier a part of Creative Suite family, the Adobe Muse CC application, and also the package of tools and the services Edge now are available only in Creative Cloud. The other desktop applications, such as Acrobat and Photoshop Lightroom, are still available


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