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SharePoint Server

MS SharePoint Server 2013 -

is the platform for managing with documentary information - knowledge, information and documents of the company. The platform contain the components like Content Management, Search Center, Sites, Communities and Networks, Business analytics.

Project Server

MS Project Server 2013 -

is the flexible platform for project management and project portfolio management. It allows to plan, optimize and operate with company's projects with the help of the integrated powerful tools.

Lync Server

MS Lync Server 2013 -

is the integrated communication platform of the corporate class. Thanks to Lync Server you receive the unified client for exchange with momentary messages, ordinary and video calls, organization of conferences and presentations, and also the the notice of presence where you wouldn't be.

Exchange Server

MS Exchange Server 2013 -

is the unique platform for deployment and management of corporate e-mail and scheduling. Thanks to Exchange server, you will receive the modern instrument for organization of effective, economic and safety exchange, storing and information management.


OneNote -

is the unique electronic notebook intended for the prompt entering of information in various formats and its exchange with colleagues. Thanks to the total integration with the cloud OneNote provides access to your information from any place where you wouldn't be, from any mobile device and any browser. The simplicity of the interface will allow you to concentrate completely on your ideas.


MS Project -

is online service for management of projects and portfolios of projects. It will allow to the staff of your organization to define priorities of investments into portfolios of projects and to analyze the business conditions, using for this purpose any devices and browsers worldwide.


MS Outlook -

is the corporate electronic mail of business class uniting the possibilities of exchange of information and corporate scheduling. The modern approaches to the realization of these functions give the chance to control completely the business processes of exchange of information, planning and execution of appointed tasks.


Lync Online -

is the online service for organization of communication with the help of service of momentary messages, ordinary or video calls and the organization of conferences. Thanks to Lync Online for realization of all these functions you receive the unique interactive client.

Office 365

Office 365 -

is the advanced cloud solution of Microsoft giving essentially new opportunities for conducting effective business. Thanks to the powerful platform Office 365, consisting from Microsoft Office business applications and new cloud services, you will create the integrated information space of your organization accessible to you from any device where you wouldn't be.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud -

is the advanced cloudy solution of Adobe, the new level of application of well known professional products of the company. With this solution you will gain a new level of freedom in management of Adobe products and your media materials. You will receive the new opportunities of interaction with your art partners.

Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat XI -

it is not simply the popular PDF converter. It contains a set of intellectual functions, which give the additional opportunities for interaction. Easily, quickly, professionally.