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The simple. Effective. YOURS! New alphabet of business: Izhevsk

On June 27 in Park Inn hotel, Izhevsk took place the next conference, devoted to the promoting of the cloud solutions for business management "The simple. Effective. YOURS! New alphabet of business".

The conference in Izhevsk is the third of a series of events, which were organized by Data center AVIS in the economic centers of the Urals and the Volga region. This time in the conference took part the analysts of the leading engineering company AVIS GROUP, Moscow, and the representatives of Microsoft corporation

This event was devoted to the technologies of increase of management efficiency of business with use of innovative cloud solutions of Microsoft corporation and Data center AVIS.

In work of conference took part the top managers from more than 30 companies of Udmurtia.

Ivan Pervushin, the general director of "ZNIO-sert", Moscow, in his performance told about the new dominant in ensuring efficiency of the business in modern dynamic market – replacement of the principle of a business management of "management by boss" by "profit machine", when the "health" of business doesn't depend on qualities of performers, and the company turns in a real “car for earning money".

"Thanks to our cloud solutions on the Microsoft platforms, the business of any scale can receive the powerful and simple tools for creation of the integrated information space, daily control of tasks and effective team work", - the director of Data center AVIS Viacheslav Lopatka noted.

During the conference were demonstrated the possibilities of cloud solutions Aviscloud, shown how the modern information technologies can bring the company to leading positions in business.


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