Cloud Solutions AVISCLOUD
Business management in one click
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Rent is cheaper than possession: you pay only that is really necessary for you now
You effectively work everywhere – at office, on the way, in business trip
Easy connection, clear interaction. Colleagues and partners, programs and documents are always with you
You operate everything: communications, documents, business processes and projects, resources and expenses
Access, storage and data transmission – the highest level of safety of information management
Exclude routine operations: you are worthy only intellectual job
  • Management of Communications:
    Now your office - the whole world

    Now your office - the whole world Phone, e-mail, messages, videoconferences: "ALL INTO ONE WINDOW"

    In business trip: all opportunities of office - in your phone or a tablet

    You save: inexpensive communication between offices - worldwide

    All types of your communication - in one place: you have a uniform picture of negotiations

    Now you are in safety: all types of communication – on the protected data links.

  • Management of documents:
    Document flow –
    simply, quickly, safely!

    Now all documents – in one place, in one format. SEARCH – INSTANT

    Preparation and document change: you always know, what version is actual

    Agreement, appoval, start of document in work – everything becomes one click

    The document "doesn't walk" on the company, it is at the same time available to all responsible

    You always know the document status, you assign terms and "trajectory" of its movement

  • Management of projects:
    Terms, resources
    and expenses are on friendly terms now!

    Now you save: only the necessary resources and optimum terms of payment

    You don't lose clients: you serve them on uniform base and the general rules

    You know all risks of the project: you can "always spread straws"

    You count all combinations of resources and you choose the optimum

    You analyze the complete project and you will make following better

  • Virtual desktop to powerful resources:
    Your opportunities
    are boundless!

    Your opportunities aren't limited to the processor and memory of your computer

    The software demanding big resources, with you everywhere – on any device

    You always have the last version of a professional software

    Large volume files are available to you and your colleagues from any place

    You save – you don't keep processor and memory resources "in store"