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About the Сompany

Data center AVIS LLC was founded in 2010 in Tchaikovsky of Perm region. The first priority of the company was the creation of interactive information systems, providing the execution of the main business processes of the organization: the management of documents circulation, communications and products.

The deployment of such systems, later – the “integrated solutions”, was initially realized on the base of cloud technologies. For implementation of the cloud concept was created the Data center with fault tolerance of the class TIER-III and joining to the main channel of JSC Rostelecom with backup.

In 2013 was registered the brand “aviscloud”, which representing the cloud solutions and products of Data center AVIS. In the company are mastered the technologies of virtualization, creation of public, private and hybrid clouds. On the base of integration of the Microsoft platforms are created the cloud solutions, allowing to increase considerably the efficiency of business management.

Data center AVIS is the certified partner of Microsoft in the partner programs Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack.

Data center AVIS is certified on partnership with the Adobe company, the leading vendor of design products.

The company also is the partner of the group of companies MONT - of the distributor of a wide line of software of leading world vendors.

For safety of data transmission and authentication of users in services, the partnership with the company GlobalSign, Singapore, so the digital signature of the user of Data center AVIS got the status of the notarized signature including the international market.

For realization of the unique solution in the field of the organization of video-conferencing rooms is concluded the partner agreement with the ASBIS company about the promotion of interactive panels.

In 2014 on the basis of Data center AVIS is organized the company AVIS GROUP, for the solving of goals of organizational and strategic management with deep application of information technologies in the companies of all types of business.

The Data center AVIS is the active participant of educational and engineering programs, such as MBA, the Program of production transformations at the enterprise "20 keys to business improvement" (Japan), International School of Business Solbridge (South Korea), and also specialized programs from Microsoft.

The Data center AVIS regularly holds the conferences under the New Alphabet of Business brand in the cities of the Urals and the Volga region with the participation of business analysts of Russia, devoted to the questions of the increase of business efficiency.

The company organizes the educational sessions for Institutes of Higher Education students with The Practical training on Internet technologies, the Technologies of the organization of electronic documents circulation, the Integration software.

Today DC AVIS is the group of companies, developing the innovative cloudy services and solutions, with offices in some Russian cities (like Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Tchaikovsky, etc.), having:

From the basis the Data center AVIS is focused on the deployment of innovative IT solutions on the basis of cloud technologies.

The long-term unique experience of introduction of solutions in different regions of Russia allows to realize the most courageous ambitions of any companies in any step of the business growth.